Rachel LeRoy Consulting helps bring order to chaos with our maps and organization plans

Our custom maps can inform, fascinate, and delight in winery tasting rooms, real estate marketing, in the management of vineyards, and for organized events and festivals. A tailor-made, attractive and informative map for your wedding, special occasion (anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette party, group trip, family or school reunion, or other fun event) will take it over the top because our maps can be used on phones where the real-time “little blue dot” location of the user is displayed right on your custom map!

Custom & personalized jigsaw puzzles! Perfect for the long winter ahead, these puzzles will provide hours of cozy fun. We will combine your photos with a beautiful custom map for a personalized and unique puzzle for you to complete or give as a thoughtful gift. Feel the meaningful and joyful connection with your friends and family across the miles with a tailor-made jigsaw puzzle featuring photos of your loved ones and their locations on an attractive custom map. Or create a unique commemoration of your wonderful memories of vacations, reunions, weddings, and other special occasions with a custom puzzle using your own photos on an attractive custom map! Also offering personalized kids’ educational puzzles featuring their name and photo!

Black Puzzle Pieces

Our organization plans help small businesses improve efficiency and increase employee performance, increase the quality of the business’s deliverables, as well as improve marketing efforts. We offer organizational tools and resources, and the skills to streamline and modernize your procedures and training tools.  Our plans are customized to accommodate diversity in age and different learning styles of your team.

  • We provide step-by-step written instructions with accompanying screen shots, as well as custom training videos showing real-time use of your business’s actual software carrying out tasks correctly and efficiently. Click here for an example

  • We analyze your current processes and systems and provide detailed, written checklists for your team to follow in order to systematically catch errors and improve the quality of your product

  • We set up and manage social media marketing for small family-owned wineries and other small businesses


Our consulting is completely customized to your business using your business’ actual software and data. Our knack for increasing efficiencies and productivity  saves you valuable time and money.

Maps spark excitement and engagement. We use specialized GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping software to create each tailored map so that everything stays in real-world coordinates.

Our maps are for use on both paper and screen.  We offer entirely customizable content, colors, fonts and styles.  You can choose your background style as well, such as an aerial photo or mid-century style base map. We can even make it a 3-dimensional map. We work with you to find the right balance for your cartographic needs and preferences. Learn more about our custom marketing & management maps here, our custom wedding maps here, and our custom special occasion maps here.

Phone screenshot with red arrow pointing to the "little blue dot" real-time location on a custom wedding map

“Rachel was a pleasure to work with on our new map project. As a winery with a lot of vineyard locations, I was cautious to start from scratch. Rachel made the task to create new winery collateral approachable, fun, and much easier than expected. Not only did the map turn out accurate (despite my many revisions) it’s beautiful and functional. It’s rare to meet someone like Rachel who not only has passion for their work but also takes feedback with grace, humility, and well, a proficiency that, to no surprise, may be the best in the biz.”


A very happy customer,

Jana Churich

Director of Sales & Events

Williams Selyem

Are you unhappy with the poor quality of your deliverables? Are you struggling with time management? Are you in need of organizational advice? Is your team under-performing? Are you struggling with a team that is diverse in age and learning styles? Are you frustrated because you lack sufficient time to devote to quality training? Does the idea of entering the social media world make you groan?

We can help! We have a knack for increasing efficiencies and productivity. Our consulting is completely customized to your business using your actual situation, software, and data.  Ditch the worry and save valuable time and money by taking advantage of our expertise.


Specializing in small family-owned wineries and other small businesses, we help with your social media marketing efforts. We set you up on the sites that are right for you and develop a strategy that aligns with your vision, story, and brand.


Click here to learn more about our organization, training, and social media consulting.

Do your best work with thoughtful direction and a clear sense of the ground you’re on — literally and figuratively.

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