Custom Maps

Maps spark excitement and engagement, and when they are customized for you they take an experience over the top. Our maps can be used on phones and tablets where they will display the user’s real-time “little blue dot” location right on the custom map

Phone screenshot with the "little blue dot" real-time location on a custom winery map

Custom maps can benefit:

  • Wineries wishing to set themselves apart and enhance their customers’ experience with an onsite or web-based map that beautifully illustrates locations where their grapes are grown

  • Real estate professionals who want to add a unique and informative map graphic to their creative marketing material

  • Vineyard management companies whose field staff will be better organized and communicate more efficiently with maps that can be used on phones which display the user’s real-time “little blue dot” location right on the map that contains all the needed information

  • Sporting event organizers who need a clear and engaging map to illustrate a planned race route

  • Public and private music festival organizers who need an accurate and attractive map for their attendees

  • Wedding couples sharing their event locations and favorite restaurants, 'adult beverage', shopping, and activity suggestions with their guests (see the Custom Wedding Maps page for more information)

  • Groups gathering for special occasions such as anniversary celebrations, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, school reunions, and group trips and vacations (see the Custom Special Occasion Maps page for more information)


The same information displayed using four different map styles

2D Block Map

3D Block Map

We work with you to find the right balance for your cartographic needs and preferences.

  • Entirely customizable content, colors, fonts, and styles

  • You choose your background style (see examples)

  • 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional (see examples)

  • For use on both paper and screen

Vineyard management map with a phone screenshot showing the "little blue dot" real-time location

How does it work? Here are a few situations where our maps can come in handy:

Example 1: A winery wants to enhance the experience of their customers in both their virtual tastings and in their tasting room with a map showing where their vineyards are located. They also want to use the map as a marketing feature on their website and social media.

Our role: We gather data from both the winery and publicly available sources and provide a custom map that shows the locations and names of the vineyards, the grape varietals grown at each site, their acreage, and the AVAs (American Viticulture Area).  The map's fonts, logo, colors and style match the winery’s existing marketing materials, ensuring consistent brand recognition.

"Our tasting room customers love the map, they can see right where the grapes came from in the wines they are trying"

~ Joan & Rich Little of Little Vineyards

Example 2: A vineyard management company handles multiple properties and needs maps that ensure their team has all the information they need to carry out tasks in the correct locations. They need digital maps that their team can use on their phones or other GPS-enabled devices to display the user’s real-time “little blue dot” location on the custom map that displays the vineyard information. They also need large printed and laminated versions for their main office wall.

Our role: For each property we provide a custom map on a current aerial photo which includes the information the management company wants displayed: block names, boundaries, and the locations of important infrastructure including wind machines, power poles, wells, and irrigation mainlines.

"Rachel's detailed maps helped our guests navigate our multi-day music festival in rural Sonoma County. She made great suggestions for what should be included and surveyed the festival site herself.  The end product was returned quickly, it was very useful and looked great!"

~ K. Sequoia, Log Cabin Ranch Productions

Example 3: A property with interesting outbuildings and natural features is listed for sale but the Real Estate Agent is unable to use only an aerial photo for marketing purposes because they need a map that highlights the locations of the best features, and the features are obscured by tree cover.

Our role: We gather the property’s data and produce an attractive map that identifies the various features on the aerial photo, along with any other publicly available data the Agent desires. Future buyers are better able to visualize the layout of the property with the birds-eye view via the map.

Head to the Custom Wedding Maps page to learn all about custom wedding maps.

Head to the Custom Special Occasion Maps page to learn all about custom group trips, school & family reunions, bachelorette & bachelor parties, and anniversary maps.

Got a mapping project in mind? Please get in touch with us!


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