Custom Wedding Map Form

Instructions for the custom wedding maps form:

  1. Download the form by clicking on the PDF button above

  2. When the form pops up click on the download button that looks like this:

  3. Save to a location on your computer

  4. Rename the file with your names (it will download with some crazy long name that I cannot control, sorry!)

  5. Open the form from the saved location on your computer

  6. Fill out the information & save the form

    • Please type or copy/paste the information, please do not hand write in the answers. This will allow us to copy from the form and paste into the map, thus eliminating errors.

    • You can copy the location’s address from Google Maps

    • You can use Google Fonts for selecting font(s)

  7. Close the form and reopen it to make sure your information correctly saved

  8. Email the completed form to:

    • Also email us any photos you want to see on the map, examples of your wedding colors/fonts/styles, and any other features or items that I may find useful to craft your map.


Note: If you realize that you want more locations shown on your map than you originally purchased, don’t worry! Click here to add additional locations in my Etsy shop.

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