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Custom Wedding Maps

Custom-made, tailored map for your wedding that can be viewed on your phone to see your real-time location displayed with all your wedding event locations!

Custom wedding map for Sonoma, CA

Screenshot with red arrow pointing to the "little blue dot" real-time location on the custom wedding map

​Your guests can see their location on your map! Design your own custom wedding map. You chose what you would like to display and share with your guests – event locations and suggestions of places to eat, drink and explore.  I will create your own personalized map using your preferred colors, fonts, and style. A tailor-made map is a unique extra-special touch for both destination weddings and out-of-town guests at local weddings.


Seeing your real-time location on your own map takes it over the top!

Head over to my Etsy store here to purchase a custom wedding map showing real-time location on your phone!


Already made your purchase? Click here for the form to fill out your map information.

Are you feeling like you cannot move forward with the joy and happiness that comes from planning your wedding due to a pesky global virus pandemic? This map is one thing that you can complete and have an exciting result that will be ready to go when the world is ready to let you get married! Date changes on the map are always free. We can work on a perfect map for you that will be ready when your day comes, filling in the date when you have it. This is something that can bring you joy even if your wedding plans are uncertain or have had to be delayed! Please reach out to me if you want to talk about your situation and see how a custom map could fit in, I would love to talk with you!


I use GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping software to create your tailored map so that everything stays in real-world coordinates. When you send your guests your PDF map, they can open it on their smartphones, tablets, watches, or other GPS-enabled device and see their “little blue dot” location right on the map. If they find themselves in a certain part of town with time to spare, they can pull up your map to find your recommendations to places right around they are standing!


When choosing locations for your map, consider your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, purveyors of ‘adult beverages’ and stores, as well as museums, walking and hiking routes, music venues, tourist stops, places of worship, and any places which hold special memories that you want to share.  Also consider the logistics of wedding and reception locations, parking, shuttle to and from hotels where guests will be staying, arrival and departure times, and other organized events.


A high-resolution printable version of your map is also included with this package, which you can print as a display poster, include in wedding welcome bags, or custom print on gift items.

What you will receive:

Three digital files of your custom map: one geo-referenced PDF, one high-resolution PDF, and one JPEG.


Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive a form via e-mail asking for all information needed for your map. If you are raring to go and do not want to wait for me to email it, you can download the form here.


Within three weeks of receipt of your information form, I will send you a first proof including each of the background options you selected, and we will schedule a video consultation where we can discuss your map. Within one week of our first consultation, I will send you a second proof incorporating any changes, followed by a third proof with any additional tweaks. Within 24 hours of your approval of the final map, I will send you your geo-referenced map, a high-resolution PDF, and a JPEG image. I will help you throughout this process to make sure you love your map!

Please allow five weeks for your finished map.  If you must request a rush, PLEASE text or email me before purchasing to make sure that I can meet your timeframe! There is a $100 charge for rush orders.  707-227-8207 or

Click here to purchase your custom wedding map on my Etsy store!

A note about backgrounds: some backgrounds look better than others in different parts of the world and will look different from the samples shown, so you are going to want to see options for your particular location. When I consult on your first proof, I will help you with your decisions. Remember, my goal is to make a great-looking map that you absolutely love!


Click here to see full-size images of the map background options.


A note about technology: In order to see your location on a geo-referenced PDF, you will need an app. My recommendation, with which I am not affiliated, is the Avenza Maps app, which you can use for free (see the app for details). I include instructions for getting your map into the app, which is quite easy. If you chose a different app, please follow its instructions. Please note that if your wedding location is in an area of the world where phones cannot use their built-in GPS technology, your location will not appear on the map.


If you have any questions or concerns please send me a message or email me at, I am happy to help!


The nitty gritty: This purchase does not include any editable files such as Illustrator, ArcGIS maps, or shapefiles. It does not include any physical prints or items, although you may use the high-resolution PDF to make your own prints. Due to the custom nature of this service, there will be no refunds or returns. Maps are for personal use only and should not be used for navigation. Additional proofs or changes beyond the three included in this package will incur additional fees.


Note: If you realize that you want more locations shown on your map than you originally purchased, don’t worry! Click here to add additional locations in my Etsy shop.

Enjoy our fun behind-the-scenes making of a custom wedding map:

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